What is Better Dog Sweater or Dog Hoodie

Clothes for dog is especially important for small breeds and animals whose “fur coats” are not designed for frost. So, you can buy either a raglan or a dog sweater for small dogs so that your friend feels comfortable in any weather.

How to knit clothes for a dog by yourself

The ability to knit or crochet will help create an exclusive dog outfit for your pet. However, before starting to knit a suit or overalls, you should:

  • Choose a model of knitted clothing for the dog.
  • Prepare materials and tools.
  • Take measurements from the dog.
  • Draw a base pattern.
  • Calculate the density of knitting.
  • Pick up a pattern.
  • Develop a pattern for a specific model.

Point 1 is individual for each master and owner of the dog. Although model developers usually give recommendations at the beginning of the instructions for its implementation. Following is a listing of the necessary materials and tools. Using it, the master performs step 2 of the preparatory phase.

Choosing a dog sweater

As with any other clothing, size plays a dominant role. Know how to handle knitting needles and crochet? Great, your doggie will get a perfect unique item. Do not know how to knit? It doesn’t matter either. Visit the store with your pet and try on your favorite sweater. There is no such opportunity? Order clothes in the online store. To do this, it is enough to know several sizes of the animal – the circumference of the chest and neck, as well as the length of the back from the withers to the tail. Pay attention to mating. Long hair does not mix well with coarse, getting between the cells, and your friend will not look very presentable. As a material for sweaters, manufacturers usually use wool, cotton, acrylic, and polyester. Some models are complemented by a plush lining. To choose the perfect sweater for your fourth friend, just take a few details into account:

  • Clothing should fit snugly to the body, but not constrain movement;
  • The sweater should be easy to put on and take off, fit the throat well and if provided, the legs;
  • The material should not create a doggie discomfort – do not prick, do not irritate the skin, be warm and soft;
  • If there are any accessories in the form of bows, beads, pebbles, etc., they must be firmly fixed and should not interfere with the dog’s movements;
  • A pleasant aesthetic addition will be the original design and interesting color schemes or, possibly, a funny pattern that sets off your pet favorably.
  • Factory sweaters and raglans for dogs are usually universal, but on the shelves of pet stores, you can find models for boys and girls that take into account the anatomical structure of the animal.

In general, a comfortable, suitable sweater or a good hoodie can be perfect for a dog. The main thing is that your pet should be comfortable wearing it, and comfortable on the street. If you like to knit, all you have to do is find the pattern and take the exact measurements from your pet. There is enough room for the imagination to make suitable and original clothes. On the other hand, online stores offer a large selection of good clothes.