AVG Antivirus Review in USA

AVG is a rather popular brand in the protection software sphere with an appropriate reputation for safety and performance. The company distributes three variants of the product, which differ in terms of price/function proportion. Also, general AVG antivirus review should contain all the functions and features that the company possess. In this case, such a list can be rather long as function includes various types of security, additional tools, and privacy approaches to improve the performance of a computer. So, we will focus on the most notable and important aspects that should be mentioned.

Essential Advantages

  1. Pricing. AVG is among the cheapest options on the security market and presents even a free version. Both Internet Security and Ultimate plans protect all possible devices that the user wants to protect. Those who did not decide yet but interested in the product can try a free version of the antivirus, although it has limited possibilities and can protect only one device. Of course, paid versions are broadening opportunities and include all the possible features. However, some people are probably interested in only basic security and can get it in a free version.
  2. Security. The first thing that can impress is AVG’s great results after testing this antivirus product in the leading laboratories. Among the most notable are appropriate detection and blocking almost all threats, including unknown attacks against the system. This is critical as all new viruses can use diverse tactics that are unknown to antiviruses but have to react. Also, a protection scanner is always running in the background, which is a useful tip against hacking and malicious attacks. Turbo Scans function can immediately accelerate the scanning process and ignore already checked folders and files without changes.
  3. Online Protection. Email Shield Tool is also among the best AVG’s features, which provides protection of email from phishing attacks, spam, and other dangers. Email Shield can scan all incoming messages and their attachments and reports in case of suspicious detections, viruses, or other malicious programs. Using the Link Scanner antivirus tool can save the user from visiting dubious websites, while the Anti-Spam feature will prevent from receiving annoying and sometimes suspicious emails.
  4. Advanced Firewall. The regarded antivirus also provides an upgraded firewall that can prevent all the potential danger in terms of online activity and traffic. More importantly, this antivirus protects from ransomware, a new approach that is becoming more popular from day to day, and which is rather dangerous. It is provided by a regular scan and the existence of a particular folder for essential information, where one can safely store the most important data and files to ensure their full safety from spying.
  5. Boost PC’s Performance. Many problems with a PC stable and rapid performance are usually associated with other issues that are not related to viruses. Regular usage increases the risk of appearance errors and can overwhelm memory. One of the most noteworthy features of the regarded antivirus software is Program-On-Demand technology, which reorganizes the performance of resource-intensive programs and builds better functioning in terms of overloading hardware. Also, clients can run the cleaning utility, which is scanning and suggests deleting old and unnecessary files, inactive cache data and logs, extra copies, and so on, which are usually slowing down system overall performance. Moreover, AVG Tuneup is suggested for iOS and Android portative devices.

What About Shortcomings?

Even though the list of advantages can be added with hacker protection, payment safety, simplicity, and adequate support, there are also a few drawbacks of AVG. As this antivirus is tightly related to Avast company, it seems to be just a quite worse version of the primary product. What is more, Avast also presents free antivirus, so AVG’s similar version cannot be regarded as a unique feature. Also, although compatibility is necessary for all current software, there is a lack of appropriate support for some iOS and Linux functions.