The Culture of Working with Your Computer 2019

The performance of the computer is affected by the way the software are upgraded – the operating system you currently run your computer on and when you decide to upgrade to a more recent OS can make a difference in the way your computer performs. Often times, we make some major alterations to make improve the speed of our computers, there are also some minor adjustments we can use to improve our computer performance. Although it might not look to be “that much” but when combined, it helps to keep the computer functioning well for a good number of years.

Remove Unwanted Bloatware

A new PC comes with quite a number of pre-installed applications that might not even get to be used. This means that the applications are just occupying space on the computer and also feeding on the system resources. They are technically called bloat ware. One way to identity these bloatware is when you get a notification to update an application you have never used before. Funny right? You can remove them by clicking on the “Start” button and click on the “All apps” tab. Look through the list of the applications you have on your computer, once you find the one you want to uninstall, right click on the icon which will then take you to the “Options”, click “Delete” and free up some disk space.

Before you do this, you have to be sure that deleting any of these pre-installed apps will not affect the proper functionality of your system.

Check for Viruses

While browsing the web, it is almost impossible not to pick up at least a virus. There is the new Windows Defender Software that makes it easy to detect malwares which may affect the computer. Also, you can install third party programs and these programs are also effective in ridding the PC of any spyware or viruses that you might have picked up from any website. Since we are all about making our PCs work effectively, be sure to install apps that will remove the malwares completely without taking too much space on your PC. Also, double-check the kind of software you want to install as it has to be compatible with your OS so you don’t run into more performance problems.

Consider the Type of Web Browser you Use

Your PC might be slowing down because of the type of browser you use which is why you have to consider it. If you are using a type of browser and you notice that the rate at which videos, images, and even web pages’ load, quickly look for an alternative and cross check if the loading speeds are any better.

In addition to the browser, also check for the cache and ensure that it is empty. This is because having a full cache that hasn’t been emptied in a while can also slow down the performance of the computer. A cache holds what you pick up whenever you visit websites as information and if you are someone that spend so much time online, these files get piled up and they make your computer run more slowly. Visit the settings of your web browser and delete “browsing history”.

For Google Chrome:

Click “More settings”

Select “More tools” and click on “Clear browsing data”.

If you have never cleared your cache on Chrome, select ” All time”, click “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and filed” before you proceed to click “Clear data”.

PC Basic Protection

In order to further protect your PC from spywares, malwares, viruses and worst of all, hackers, you need to install a security software. And by security software, I mean a software that will help protect your PC as well as the data.

For this, the best bet is Keeper.

Keeper is an IT security software that offers password management capabilities as well as a digital vault which enables its users both individual and businesses to protect their sensitive information. Its password management feature helps to provide very strong passwords which makes your PC inaccessible to hackers.

Also, the platform used a 256-bit AES encryption alongside PBKDF2, which guards against data theft or any form of security breach.

The software also allows for password rotation regimes as it supports smartphones, laptops, desktops and any web browser. It also allows for a single license which can then be use on unlimited number of devices.

Another amazing thing about this software is that user’s information is kept on the device which means that your personal data and information is kept in users’ devices only.

It comes with additional login functions which includes user provisioning and delegated administration which helps to boost the productivity, efficiency and overall performance of the management feature. In order to avoid data loss, the system has a dedicated cloud space that helps users to share files easily.

This Keeper software is available in 3 forms:

  • The Individual package that costs $29.99 per annum,
  • The Family package that costs $59.99 per annum, and
  • The Business package that costs $30 per annum.

Also, a free trial is available for those that are willing to test the software before purchasing it.