Most attractive technological devices

The Most Attractive Technological Devices

The future of the IT industry is always determined by the inventions of artificial intelligence, smart devices, virtual reality and blockchain, advanced technology platforms for business.

In general, it can be said that technological devices are the results of innovations in the form of new or improved products that are introduced on the market and which have a practical using in the modern world.

Devices for improving the rhythm of everyday life
The technological development is growing year by demonstrating us a wide variety of breathtaking devices which can be helpful in our daily life. Let’s see our list of exciting innovations which will surely catch your interest.

Multi-Tool Keychain

Many universal wrenches are suitable for fasteners of various sizes, but most of them are not compact. The creators of this tool decided to eliminate this drawback and presented their specific vision.

This multitool is made of high-quality titanium alloy. It looks like a classic Swedish key with adjustable things. The main difference consists only in size and design. A miniature size implies a ring for a cord and a clip for fixing.

High-Speed Toothbrush From FasTeesH.

The Y-Brush device in the form of a boxing mouth guard allows you to reduce this procedure by 12 times and up to 10 seconds. All the teeth of one jaw work simultaneously. According to the developers of the French company FasTeesH, five seconds is enough, and the same amount is enough for brushing the upper jaw.

Flashy is a 3D Printer that Works with any Food Raw Material.

Thanks to the advanced 3D printing technology, you will have an opportunity to print chocolate,
cheese or other products you want. Flasty will also be useful for everybody who is interested in the production of jewelry and accessories because it allows creating your versions of 3D-design or choosing some of the ready-made designs. Flasty is already used in the hotel and restaurant industry.

iGlam is a piece of intellectual jewelry in the form of a ring that can be modified at any time to fit any look.
It can adapt to any color and style using an individual application. This device allows scanning the color palette directly from the wear. This ring is made of silver with semiprecious stones.

Rawr is a Unique Collar for Pets.

A mobile application helps to control where your pet is and how the pet feels. Rawr includes numerous devices for different purposes, such as fitness and GPS trackers, health control, temperature sensors and a particular mode for training. The received information is sent to a mobile application (is available both for iOS or Android). There is also an option for integration with veterinary clinics. Also, Rawr collar is durable and water resistant.

Samsung’s Bot Care is a home medical robot that monitors human health and gives advice on
the necessary physical activities. If it is essential, it associates with relatives or ambulances.
Headband Dreem band accumulates data on the functioning of the brain during sleep in order
to determine the causes of insomnia and help in the restoration of healthy sleep