Host someone on the Twitch platform

How to Host Someone on the Twitch Platform

A video streaming service Twitch nowadays provides its users with a new feature for hosting. What does it mean? For instance, if you have finished broadcasting your stream, you can also host videos of your friends (instead of a black screen on your channel). In such a way, users continue to follow your channel and also watch useful and interesting videos that you have shared.

This function has a beneficial impact both for the person who shows someone’s “stream” and the person whose video is being broadcasted. Besides the fact that users are watching other people’s “streams” from your channel, they can now subscribe to the channel that you are broadcasting. As a result, your chain will be noted as showing your videos, as well as a selection of useful broadcasts of other users’ channels.

This new feature allows channel owners to post live broadcasts of other channels on their page without changing the chat so that your viewers can watch the materials of your choice and immediately discuss them without going to other pages. All channel owners can post any other channels.

The Advantages of Hosting on the Twitch Platform

Thus, the hosting of other channels provides the following benefits:

1        Even if you do not broadcasting, the community of your followers will continue to communicate, and the number of your subscribers may increase.

2        You can promote the materials that you like, and demonstrate yourself to the audience from the new side.

3        You can support other broadcast authors and chat with them by making new contacts.

4        It is an excellent opportunity for watching your favorite channels and discussing the news with your followers on your channel.

5        During the process of retransmitting, the video player of the transmitting circuit is replaced, but the chat window is not restored and remains active.

So, for hosting someone on the Twitch platform, there are several steps you need to follow:

6        Enter in the chat box “/ host channel_name.” For instance, for sharing the weekly broadcasting, you have to enter: / host twitch

7        You can connect to other channels three times using the host command within 30 minutes. Thus, if the broadcast of the hosted channel is interrupted, you can share another channel.

8        To exit transmitting mode, you should enter «/ unhost» in the chat. Until doing this, the placement mode will be active. After all, a notification that you have left the posting mode will be displayed.

There is also a function of automatic sharing which allows you to set up automatic broadcasting of channels from a list of your channels or of your teammates who will be posted on your page when you are not online. An automatic posting is an excellent opportunity for supporting other channel owners and expanding their audience.

It should be noted that when the automatic posting function is active, the system selects and shares channels when you do not broadcast anything, or when no other broadcasts are on your channel. An automatic posting will never interrupt your live show or your chosen broadcast. It is connected only when there is no broadcast on your channel.