AVG Antivirus Pro

AVG Antivirus Pro is among the best security antivirus which is available on the Google Play Store. The application was first developed by the AVG Technology, the subsidiary of Avast Antivirus. The best thing concerning AVG Antivirus Pro is that it offers the powerful virus scanning ability and the immediate destruction. In addition, the application brings some important tools to assist you manage the Android device much better like battery saving, file management, and garbage removal, among others. Although they have many features, they’re helpful when you to improve the performance of Android devices.
At present, AVG Antivirus Pro is receiving many downloads which are over 100 million on a Play Store with the 4.5-star rating from the users. It even becomes the well-popular security application on the Android. If you’re looking for the inclusive security application which helps to protect the device from malicious code, Internet attacks, information thieves and viruses. So, AVG Antivirus Pro become the best choice. What you are required when you want to download and install it as per the instructions

Features of the AVG Antivirus Pro

Improving the performance of the device
The work of AVG Antivirus Pro is security application and also offering the features to enhance the performance of the device: Monitoring the battery consumption to save and optimize energy and removing the job running in a background which slows down the device and also affects the battery life. It also works to track and give the user detailed statistics concerning the package of the mobile data usage, optimizing files and also freeing up the memory space and cleaning up the junk in the device.

Comprehensive Protection

While having this antivirus, your device can be protected fully from every risk from the unsecured connections or malicious applications. AVG Antivirus Pro scans all applications before it’s installed on the device. Unsafe apps or games can be removed immediately. If you browse regularly the web from the mobile browsers like Firefox or Chrome, AVG Antivirus Pro can even protect you from any malicious website and rapidly redirect it to a home page.


It can sound very strange but it is true. This is the unique feature which AVG Antivirus Pro offers. With some few settings before you use it, the device can be protected fully with the anti-theft features. You will manage the device remotely by controlling all activities through the messages. Essentially, they give the location of your phone which have been lost through the Google Maps. When you want to lock your phone, it will leave the message on a lock screen that ask you for an assistance from anyone who keep the device.
AVG Antivirus Pro make the device ring even when the silent mode has been activated. In some few steps, you will delete the information of a device and then format a memory card. When someone just enters your own password incorrectly for about three times, the photo taken from a device using the front camera can automatically be sent to an email address which you have already installed. Also for the device lock, you can automatically lock your phone when another person has changed the SIM card.