5 Aspects of Comparison: Malwarebytes vs Avast Free

Today, we’ll take a closer look at two antivirus software solutions and compare Malwarebytes vs Avast free. To get the most comprehensive idea, we’ll focus on such aspects as an interface, protection levels, extra features, system impact, and pricing policies.

Interface & User-Friendliness

It’s hard to judge about user-friendliness since everyone has certain tastes and perception. Yet, both interfaces seem simple and straightforward.

Malwarebytes has a new design. Its main screen has three main modules: Detection History, Scanner, and Real-Tim Protection. The latter one may adjust right in the same window.

Avast, on the other hand, has a dark-color design placing the modules on the left. The free edition has Status, Protection, Privacy, and Performance modules that contain the available features.

Protection Levels

In terms of protection, Malware doesn’t offer a wide selection of scanning features. It comes with the basics only. The Premium version also has malware and ransomware protection. You shouldn’t expect more from it since it’s just an anti-malware program. What’s more, it’s impossible to define the protection level due to the fact that it hasn’t participated in the independent test labs’ research.

Avast, on the other hand, has several scanning options including a Smart Scan. The software, even the free edition, offers better protection since it’s a full-scale antivirus system. It scored high during the independent tests and got ADVANCED+ from AV-Comparatives.

Additional Features

Avast Free has a very limited number of extra features. Yet, compared to the rest of free editions, the bundle seems very generously packed. Every user is sure to get a password manager, email scans, Game mode, a secure browser, etc.

Malwarebytes is designed specifically for a few features only. That’s why free edition protects from malware only. Premium solutions offer extras like ransomware protection, centralized management, etc. It cleans infected devices and shields vulnerabilities on your computer.

System Impact

From the data revealed by the independent test labs, Avast doesn’t impact system performance much. So, if you install this software, your other programs or computer won’t slow down or get crashed software.

Malwarebytes wasn’t tested. That’s why it’s hard to stay objective. Yet, some customers state that the impact is also very low even on old computers.

Pricing Policies

Avast Free is a free edition that doesn’t require upgrades or future payments. Malwarebytes also has a free version. However, to get more features, one has to upgrade. In this case, the cost of Malwarebytes will be around $40. Avast Premium will have a $70 price tag.

In this situation, the aspect of the price shouldn’t be at the top. Rely on the wanted features and security measures.

The bottom Line

All in all, both antivirus solutions are a bit below average. They don’t require much money or resources but don’t deliver many features either.

On the other hand, it’s impossible to compare them properly. While Avast Free is limited, it’s still an antivirus program. It’s enough for basic protection and average users. Malwarebytes works better as an additional layer of protection. It has a narrow focus and a limited number of features, even if you consider getting a Premium plan.