Why You Need An Internet Security Program in 2021

Internet security programs in 2021 are united by some signs by which the user can independently determine their effect.

Internet Security Program as the Best Way to Avoid Computer Worms

The so-called active types of computer worms pose a high threat to the user since they are capable of automatically launching a malicious script through the browser. Most often, these scripts are hidden in banners and pop-ups on web pages. To avoid this situation, you can prevent the browser from running scripts, but this may affect the correct operation of some websites that use scripts for good purposes. Therefore, it is more optimal to use firewalls and modules for checking scripts for the presence of malicious code, which should be part of Web anti-virus programs.

Some advanced types of computer worms are capable of counteracting antiviruses by unloading them from RAM and thereby blocking access to the websites of antivirus companies. Therefore, it is also important to choose antivirus software, taking into account not only its quality of detecting malicious programs but also actively countering their implementation. The worm receives all the necessary files and data from the command, internet security suite and control servers. But, for example, computer worms such as NetWorm.Bagle.n and Net-Worm.Bagle.p, in addition to spreading by mail and exchanging files between networks, can disable most antiviruses and can infect executable files.

Currently, resident worms are popular, against which the use of anti-virus software with signatures is not enough for full protection. These types of computer worms infect a working program and reside in the computer’s RAM without affecting hard drives. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they do not have a loader, but use dynamic libraries loaded into memory by the programs available in the computer. The main method of protection against this type of worm at an early stage is to restart the computer, which will accordingly reset the RAM with the virus located on it. Then you should make sure that there are no suspicious programs in the autorun directory.

Internet security programs are classified as prevention methods. The techniques used during an attack belong to the attack detection and source identification group. Once an attack is detected, attack response methods are applied. The best option is to prevent the attack. It can be achieved at all stages of the traffic path, starting from the source of the attack and ending with data processing on the side of the attacked server. Combined prevention (IPS) and attack detection are often used.

The Main Functions of Internet Security Program in 2021

The main functions of Internet security programs in 2021:

  • To contribute to the formation of knowledge about safe behavior when working with computer programs, information on the Internet;
  • To form the ability to comply with the norms of information ethics;
  • Form the skills of safe work with information, analyze and summarize the information received;
  • To develop computer literacy information culture of the individual in the use of information and communication technologies;
  • Develop the ability to analyze and organize the available information;
  • To develop cognitive and creative activity in the safe use of information and communication technologies;
  • Contribute to the development of a conscious and careful attitude to the issues of their own information security;
  • Contribute to the formation and development of moral, ethical, patriotic qualities of the individual;
  • Promote information security behavior and activities internet security suite.