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In this article, we will investigate the alternatives of Virtual Data Rooms.

Virtual Data Room in the world of modern technologies

Cloud technologies and services are changing the business, and this is the reality. Clouds reduce costs, in the clouds you can deploy IT infrastructure or individual solutions in the shortest possible time, renting the necessary resources and not overpaying for the future. 

A virtual data room is cloud resources, i.e. just a bunch of vCPUs, gigabytes of RAM and disk space, 1 or more external IPs. From these rented resources, you create virtual machines of the desired configuration: from a template with a pre-installed OS or scratch with your own OS. You can also work with numerous network settings (local area networks, NAT, Firewall, load balancer, etc.), organize virtual machines into clusters (vApp) according to their purpose (web server, database, etc.). The virtual data center is managed in the Personal Account and the extended VMware vCloud Director panel.

Virtual Data Room priorities 

  • Security. The use of SAN storage and backup of virtual data on the principle of 3-2-1 increases the reliability of data processing and storage.
  • Reliability. Full redundancy of all nodes and cloud components provides 99.9% uptime and allows you to focus on business computing without worrying about infrastructure.
  • Flexibility. Great flexibility in management – create your administrators and assign their rights to use cloud resources (memory, disks, processors).
  • Power. The combination of balanced tuning and powerful server platforms, 10/40 Gigabit networks, and SSD drives ensures maximum utilization of cloud capacity.
  • Productivity. The use of CPU, RAM, and Storage configurations, All-Flash disk arrays, as well as systems built on AMD and NVMe take the performance of virtual data center systems to a new level of performance.
  • Efficiency. The user pays only for the resources used. The scheme of calculating the cost of services is clear to the client with hourly rates, and the increase or decrease of the resources of the virtual data center is almost instantaneous.

Security issue

Documents in VDR are also marked using EveryTag technology, and in the event of a leak, its source will be quickly detected. Unique copies are created each time a document is opened and sent by email. In addition, by default, each document uploaded to the VDR is available exclusively to its creator, and only he alone has the right to open access to other persons.

The virtual data room providers recommend using the VDR for conducting critical business events: mergers and acquisitions, audits and preparation for an IPO, for working with personal information of public figures, as well as for protecting intellectual property.